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LPL Research

As your advisor, Michael has access to objective market analysis from LPL Financial’s research team—one of the largest and most tenured research groups among independent brokerage firms. LPL’s analysts’ knowledge of the market and economy allow them to provide insights and recommendations to advisors like Michael across a range of investment products. Because LPL has no vested interest in particular products, the analyses and recommendations are always objective. This means there are no conflicts of interest like the ones that arise at other brokerage and insurance firms who manufacture and distribute financial products.

In addition, LPL offers no proprietary investment products and engages in no investment banking activities, which means: 1. Research and market insights are always objective. 2. Michael is free to recommend any investments from a wide variety providers that will help you pursue your financial goals without a conflict of interest that arise from proprietary products.

LPL Financial’s research team regularly reviews investment products, ensuring products Michael recommends meet LPL’s rigorous standards of due diligence. With Michael as your advisor, you can invest with confidence, knowing the guidance you receive is objective and grounded solely on the needs of your unique financial situation.

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